Monday, February 21, 2011

Yearly splurge

The only time of year that I really get to splurge is when my income tax money comes in.  Sometimes I dont even get to splurge then but this year I am going to splurge a bit.  I have been patiently waiting to get me a new camera and now the time has come for me to decide Canon or Nikon?  Definitely getting a DSLR camera but how do you decide between the two top brands?  There are tons of reviews and lots of pros and cons but for me it comes down to what do I use on a regular basis.  I really liked the Nikon D5000 but it doesn't have a auto focus.  I might not use it all the time but I still want to be able to use it for the occasions that I am taking pics at a family Christmas without the fuss of focusing.  I mean who wants to spend $800 and something is still missing that you would like to have?  Not me I plan on keeping this camera for a long time.  So what does it really come down to?  Not really picture quality because both are going to be amazing compared to the point and shoot kodak I have been using for years.  It really comes down to what each offer on the basics.  Like for example I would like for Macro to be an option.  I love all the beautiful pictures of flowers that are shot up close so I want to learn how to do that.  I also want to get a zoom lens.  I have been thinking about taking pictures of the 'pee-wee' teams in my area to practice and maybe sell to parents who are there to watch their kids play but they can still get good quality action pictures at a reasonable price.  Settng for auto and manual are important but I am pretty sure both would come with each camera.  Not interested in the basic camera bag becasue I saw this adorable red purse camera bag that I really want.  So my research begins.  Which will it be Nikon or Canon? 

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