Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I forgot my umbrella...

A few days ago I got a ticket for expired inspection.  Yes I know why did I let it expire.  Well that is just a long story that no one including myself cares to go over again.  Anyways a few weeks ago I got a ticket for the expired inspection sticker and the police officer informed me that my registration was expired.  I was like seriously??  But it was just last month so he was kinda of enough to just write the one ticket but for me to get it done immediately!  Then the ice storm hit DFW and pretty much left me at home for three days.  So today was the day to become legal again.  While waiting at the courthouse with 50 people ahead of me and my lunch hour pretty much already come and gone I hoped on my phone to check emails and yes guess what! No reception becuase yes the phone bill was due yesterday and I had forgotten.  Paid the phone bill got my registration and decided to just go ahead and take a few more minutes to get the inspection, love Ten Minute Inspections in Arlington they ROCK!  So is it true when it rains it pours?  I would have to say I it is true and I forgot my umbrella.

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