Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creative Cooking

The Atkins low carb plan is not a hard plan to follow but I have found out that you need to become a create cook in order to have something a little more flavorful and different.  I will be the first to admit I hate spinach!  I know this is odd but fresh baby spinach for salads I am fine with but that we slop that comes out of a can that stinks I just can't eat it.  So we had some fresh baby spinach that needed to be cooked and I found a recipe for a low carb cheesy onion and spinach dish and it was so delicious!  So now that I know that onions are full of carbs I will be cutting way back on just throwing those into a recipe for added flavor but basically you saute the onion and we added mushrooms as well and just cook them till tender then you throw your spinach in at the end and wilt it but not too much or it becomes that wilted slop from the can.  Once done put into a small baking dish and add mozzarella cheese and cook till cheese is melted.  So many variations you can do with this and it will taste amazing.  So if you are like me and hate the slop canned spinach give this a try and you will be surprised that it is really delicious.

PS we did add red bell pepper too

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