Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting healthy what does that really mean?

So as always one of my unspoken New Years Resolutions is losing weight which is the ant hill I talked about in the previous post that I can't seem to conquer.  This year I think I am going to focus on getting healthy.  No Atkins, No Weight Wathers, No SlimFast no dieting!!!!  ENOUGH already!  Anyone in their right mind knows what needs to be done to lose weight it's not hard to figure out to eat more veggies lean meats and low carbs.  HELLO McFly it's not that hard! Well obviously it's the hardest thing I have ever had to conquer and I have been doing it all my life!  So this year I am going to just do what I already know without all the restrictions.  Eat breakfast to get the metabolism started, be smart when choosing lunch or even have a frozen meal which is portion controlled and some are pretty darn good.  Dinner is probably the meal that does me in every time.  We both love steaks but due to the economy that has been limited so it makes it easier. Eat more seafood because we love it and have a salad with every meal which I pretty much do anyways but putting it out there so hopefully I will stick to it.  The only true restiriction is going to be wine.  Yes I drink it and love it but I love it too much so cutting back has to happen if I want to get my ass up over this damn ant hill that I can't seem to conquer.  I hope all my followers are successful in their 2012 goals!

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