Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me and stop rewarding yourself with food your not a dog!

Well today is my birthday and I usually always do something for myself every year. For a few years I would buy myself a years worth of tanning. But I haven't tanned in years.  Last year I bought myself a Cricut Expression and if you saw my previous post you know how well that went for me since I am wanting to sell it.  So this year I want to plan something different.  My first gift to myself is to go to my Les Mills Pump class at the YMCA.  Yes normally my gifts would consist of my favorite foods or a night out drinking with friends.  But this year I want to reward myself with sticking to the program and not skip one class for the month of March.  Plus I saw this quote on Pinterest that said "your not a dog so stop rewarding yourself with food."  Seriously how true is that statement?  More accurate than I care to admit.  My second gift is a elliptical machine.  I have debated and debated over getting one and I truly feel like I am in a place where it would actually be used and not end up being a new clothes rack.  Cleaned out closets and moved things around yesterday to try and make room.  Not much room was made but as my friend Holli pointed out she didnt have room either but got one anyways.  Stop coming up with excuses to live a better life!  So Happy Birthday to me and live a life to have many more. 

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