Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have been discussing the wolf pack imprinting and how it effects each character different.  Tell me what you think.
Here are our thoughts....

I really feel sorry for Leah having to deal with Sam and his thoughts all the time. I tend to forget that she is the ex that can't escape his life and has to sit back and watch/hear that all the time. No wonder she is so miserable.

So true Sherri. No wonder she would choose to be a guard dog for vampires in Jake's pack, over being in Sam's. She was able to get to the point of wanting him to be happy, but no way should she have to listen to his thoughts about being with someone else.

So true. SM said that if she continued to write in the Twilight Universe, she would write Leah's story. I would definitely read that one.

I agree to it all. I would be even more bitter than she is. I'd love to hear her story..,ok SM b/c I know you read all ramblings in our little group here!!!
It makes me question imprinting. Did her and Sam not know that they had not imprinted on each other? Jacob talks about the imprinting on Claire saying he can't help it so does Jacob think he has imprinted on Bella? I guess maybe so because he doesnt know how it feels to actually have done it yet. 

I think Sam was the first one to imprint so he had no idea what it was until it happened with Emily. He probably loved Leah in a human way, but the wolfish imprinting overrode that. Seems kind of harsh, especially for Leah but as we find with Quill and Jacob the bond from imprinting is unexplainable and unbreakable. I think Jake had an idea what imprinting was and deep down knew he had not imprinted with Bella. But human love is pretty strong and it took the wolf imprinting to heal his broken heart over Bella. 

I agree, Jake knew he hadn't imprinted with Bella but was confused about why he was so drawn to her. Did he really love-love her? I'm not sure. 

I think Jake was drawn to Renesmee's essence that was inside Bella. That's why he was so confused. He thought he loved Bella, but it was his imprint attracting him from Bella's core.

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