Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspiring Others

I have never felt like anything I have done would be considered inspirational.  I just do what I love and look for new ideas to expand on it.  I talked to my sister last night which was nice.  We have been talking more lately than we ever have.  She lives in California and I am in Texas and with the time difference and our schedules it just isn't easy to find time that fits for both of us.  I am glad to say that we have finally found that time or maybe we just finally made the time.  Talking with her last night she said that I have inspired her husband to get crafty.  Now not that he wasn't already a bit crafty but he has taken to the next level.  She shared some pictures of the things he has been doing in his spare time and I was amazed.  It felt good to see him branch out and take on something new and it made me smile to know that I was a small part of that with just a little inspiration. 

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