Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Air Conditioner a must for Texas

I was so happy this weekend I had nothing special planned and I was going to be able to really get some stuff done that I wanted to do for just the fun of it.  It started out wonderful Saturday morning when I was able to jump right in and get my very first project completed from the challenges that were taking place at My Pink Stamper.  It was so much fun to really use my Cricut and do a complete project from start to finish. I was so happy and had 3 more challenges that I wanted to finish over the weekend because the prize were going to be exactly what I needed.  Okay maybe not needed but wanted.  Anyways all that came to a screeching halt when our A/C decided it was done.  Not only was it done but our thermostat started to smoke!  Not knowing what to do we went to Home Depot to start with a new thermostat.  Let me stop here and tell you that you can't just go get one you have to be specific or it just wont work.  So on our return trip to exchange the thermostat we got the one that was right for us.  Okay let me stop here again and tell you when you exchange thermostat's out you need to make sure that your wires are marked correctly.  If not you will be GOOGLING all day long trying to figure it out and with that being said I got no more projects completed.  We were hot and miserable and it was Mother's Day.  A good friend came thru and hooked us up with an excellent A/C guy and things were back on track Monday afternoon.  Funny thing is we were so shocked it had gone out because afterall the house we bought was brand new no previous owners and all the appliances were new.  I just didnt realize it had already been 8 years.  Time sure does fly. 

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  1. It is amazing how time flies, and we are glad that your air conditioner did get fixed. Its getting hot out there, and you never think of that a/c unit until it goes out.