Thursday, March 24, 2011

Armoire Makeover

 Took some time off and decided to stay home and get so much needed stuff around the house done.  I try to be an organized person but it never really seems to work out for me.  So I was cleaning the dining room table and when I opened our Armoire to put more junk in it I realized there was nothing in there that we ever used.  So I pulled everything out and took 95% to goodwill and the 5% we kept found a new home.  This has now become my craft closet and I love it!!!!  I just got my new cricut and decided it was time to sit down and cut something.  I found this adorable dress that I cut out and hung in the back so I could take pictures of longer necklaces.  It really turned out adorable.  I still have some more organizing to get it just right but I am on my way!  I also had the jewelry organizer for when I sold avon for all of my samples and it is just perfect for all my small supplies so I can see quickly what I need instead of digging through drawers.


  1. good organization! love the silhouette for displaying your current piece you're working on.. fun! :)

  2. That jewelry organizer is awesome for all that small stuff! I use salsa jars and spice jars for just about all my ribbon scraps and little stuff. The colors are fun, but I'm forever moving them here and there.

    Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello! I do a craft link up on Wed--it'd be great if you want to stop by sometime and join us!